ENT UK is collaborating with the Department of Health and the Royal College of Surgeons of England on a number of audits. The audits are used to:

  • Provide surgeons with a better understanding of their own practises
  • Supply detailed information on the management of specific surgical procedures
  • Generate statistics, which can be used to identify areas of surgical difficulties
  • Start the process of standardising patient notes
  • Produce information which surgeons can use to better advise patients of surgical outcomes and complications
  • Identify areas of surgery that require further research and/or more auditing
  • Provide research information on a serious diseases such as vCJD (variant Creutzfeldt Jakob disease).

Completed Audits

On-going Audits

Electronic Rhinology Database

This database is the result of several years work by the Clinical Audit and Practice Advisory Group of ENT-UK, working closely with members of the British Rhinological Society. The database has been presented to the GMC and Department of Health Audit Advisory Group and has been approved for use in appraisal and re-licencing as well as providing outcome measures for contracting.

Click here to visit the Electronic Rinology Database
Click here to view the Guidance Notes and how to use the Database (PDF: 1.28 MB)


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